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Welcome to Little Pi Crypto Token

Tiny version of Pi Coin , An Excellent Crypto Coin under Binance Smart Chain

LittlePie Logo.jpg

Hi, I'm Little Pi Crypto Token

A Tiny version of Pi coin, Utility of the token is to give rewards for purchases , gifts and much more.

Tokens can be redeemed and an Equivalent value of discount can be received by the buyer from any shop/exchanges  that uses Pi rewards program

Little Pi will have it's on Wallet for Exchanging/ Swapping Tokens In future with USD, Euro & Many other Fiat Currencies

During the Entry of Pi Network Coin to the Market, Little Pi will emerge to its heights where 10 Little Pi will be Equivalent to 1 Pi Coin. That will be a Huge development in the World of Crypto tokens.

Little Pi Development Team is very keen in observing the market, study and develop the utilities of the token Dynamically every time.

Why Choose Little Pi Crypto Token?

It's an emerging token and will grow together with the Pi Network coin It will create great milestones in utilities in many sectors together with Pi Coin.

Where Can I buy?

It's currently in Pinksale finance for Presale
CA : 0x6e0Ce3C428664bc664b270b7E7f8fC777a233b71

When will the Pre-Sale Ends?

30th Apr 2024 the Presale will end in Pinksale Finance 

When will it come to Public Market?

By the Next day 1st May 2024, at UTC 7:00 AM, Everyone will be able to purchase from Pancake Swap

Utility of the Token

Shopping Reward token, which can be redeemed online and offline shopings world widely.

Total Minted Coins

10 Million Tokens are minted. No further  tokens will be minted, Mint Authority is Revoked

Status of Liquidity

100 % Liquidity Locked for 365 Days


Trusted by Crypto Enthusiasts Worldwide

Reliable and Transparent

“Little Pi Crypto Coin has truly transformed my digital transactions. The secure and efficient platform has exceeded my expectations, providing a reliable crypto experience.”

Ella W.

Crypto Investor

Empowering and Innovative

“I am impressed by the commitment of Little Pi Crypto Coin in empowering the crypto community. Their dedication to innovation and security sets them apart in the digital currency space.”

Nathan T.

Blockchain Developer

Elevating the Crypto Experience

“Little Pi Crypto Coin has been instrumental in elevating my crypto journey. Their dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction is commendable, making them a trusted choice for crypto enthusiasts.”

Sophia K.

Crypto Enthusiast

Start Your Crypto Journey with Little Pi Crypto Coin

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